How do I contact the Lost Property?


For your convenience there are several ways for you to get in touch:

  1. Online - Complete the Lost Item Enquiry Form that you’ll find on this website. Provide us with all the information we’ll need to identify your item(s) and to show that you are the owner. Finding lost property with our systems is then simply a case of checking our database for your belongings.

    Important: in order to ensure the safe return of property to its rightful owner, we have a variety of stringent security measurements in place that allow us to detect fraudulent claims. The information gathered by our sophisticated systems will be shared with the police in the event that a fraudulent enquiry is identified.
  2. Visit Us - If you would like to speak to someone face to face about finding lost property, you can always visit us at one of our Lost Property / Lost & Found Offices. A member of our staff will help you complete a Lost Item Enquiry Form. Subject to the provision of identification, proof of ownership, and the payment of an appropriate fee, if we have your lost property there, it is often possible to release your belongings immediately. Alternatively we may recommend our courier service to deliver your belongings once they are found.
  3. Call Us - If you would prefer to talk to an advisor, you can call a member ofour dedicated customer service team. They will be able to help you choose the best option for retrieving your lost property, whether that is collecting the item from the lost property office or having it sent to you directly by courier. Please see our contact page for the telephone numbers of all our offices.

How can I claim my Lost Property?


When we have notified you that we are in possession of your lost property, the next step is to reunite you with your belongings. There are three options:

  1. Courier Service - For those who do not wish to, or cannot, travel to the Lost Property / Lost & Found Office, we provide a secure delivery service that will deliver your lost property directly to your door. We are able to cater for international and nextbusiness- day deliveries subject to additional charges, as explained in our postage and packaging tariffs. Scanned copies of your proof of ID are required by email, on which stringent checks are made, before we can send your items back to you.
  2. Visit our Lost & Found Office - If you are able to travel to the relevant Lost Property / Lost & Found Office, you can collect your belongings over the counter. You must be able to provide a detailed description of the item and, if you are reclaiming a high-value item, you will need to be in possession of proof of ownership.

    For all retrievals, we require a government approved or photographic ID (i.e. passport, driving licence, identity card, etc.). Any additional proof of identification or ownership, such as telephone bills, receipts, or photographs, can help us in expediting your claim. Due to our commitment to the security of your possessions, if we are unable to conclusively identify you as the owner of the lost property, we cannot release the item to you.
  3. Send a friend - If you cannot be there in person and would like a friend to pick up your lost property they will need to have photographic proof of identity for both you and themselves with them as well as a letter of authorisation for them to do so.

If I don't live close by how will I get my lost property back?


It's very simple.

We'll send it to you. We know that airports and rail stations are often launch pads for far-off destinations so, no matter whether you are now just down the road or on the other side of the globe, our courier service can quickly and cheaply reunite you with your belongings.

How does lost property get to the Lost & Found Office?


The airlines and rail operators we work with are finding lost property all the time and, once they have logged all the relevant information, they send the items to our nearest Lost & Found Office. It may take a week or longer to reach our office; however, if you provide us with a current email address when you file your lost property enquiry, we will automatically notify you if an item matching your description arrives at our office.

Finding lost property - what is the process?


Today finding lost property is far easier than ever before thanks to LostProperty.org's sophisticated logging and database system. Staff at airports and rail stations now have the means to photograph every item of lost property that they find and provide us with detailed descriptions for our database so when you contact us we can identify your items more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Complete our Lost Item Enquiry Form as soon as you discover your belongings are missing. Give us a little time to identify your possessions from the thousands of items we process every day. We will then contact you directly if we have found a match.

If we do not find an immediate match, we will keep checking your enquiry against our database until we do, then we will contact you to establish the best way to reunite you with your lost property.

What items do we handle?


LostProperty.org is currently able to handle personal belongings that have been lost in the following instances:

- in London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stantsed and Manchester airports;
- on board (in the cabin not the hold) on inbound flights to London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stantsed and Manchester airports;
- in stations that Network Rail or Southern Rail trains run to;
- on board Network Rail or Southern Rail trains;

There are some instances when finding lost property is out of our control. We are not able to assist when an airline handles its own lost property, when an item is lost on an outbound flight (from the UK), or when it goes missing at another airport, rail station or shopping centre. We also do not deal with luggage that is lost in transit on airlines (which includes items lost in the hold of the plane, or checked bags that do not arrive at your destination).

If you are unlucky enough to lose your baggage in transit, please contact your airline directly or visit http://www.worldtracer.aero/filedsp/**.htm (insert the two letter code of your airline in place of ** in the URL).

How long is the lost property held for?


Finding lost property is only the first step for us as we must then store it and hope to reunite it with its owner. As storage facilities are limited we can only hold on to lost property for a maximum of 90 days. Items deemed as hazardous or outside our remit of handling may be disposed of immediately or even handed over to the police or relevant authorities; in addition, as we do not have refrigeration units at our offices, perishables will also be disposed of.

How likely is it that I will find my lost property?


Polls show that between 25% and 33% of lost items eventually arrive at our Lost Property / Lost & Found Offices. Almost all (95%) of the lost property we receive reaches us within a fortnight.

What happens to unclaimed lost property?


After 90 days unclaimed items are either donated to charity or sent to public auction. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose where these auctions are due to take place.