How to Register my Item Lost

Register your Item Lost via the online form

To be reunited with your item you must Register your Item Lost via the online form. It’s quick and easy to complete. Please provide full and comprehensive detail, highlighting any unique or recognisable characteristics, to help us identify your item(s) and to demonstrate that you are the owner.

Once you have registered your item as lost on the process of identifying, matching and reuniting you with your lost item can begin.

If you have lost an item and not yet Registered your Item Lost, we recommend you do so now. Until your item is registered lost online we cannot begin the process of re-uniting you with your item.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure the safe return of property to its rightful owner, we have a variety of stringent security measures in place that allow us to detect fraudulent claims. The information gathered by our systems will be shared with the police in the event that a fraudulent enquiry is identified.

No web access? You can Register your Item Lost in person at your nearest Lost Property Office

We recommend where possible you Register your Item Lost via the online form.

However, if this is not possible you can visit the appropriate Lost Property Office to register your item as lost in person.

Please check the Lost Property Office Opening Hours in advance to avoid disappointment. During Lost Property Office opening hours a member of our staff will be able to help you register your item as lost using a paper form.

If your lost item has already been processed and matched it may be possible to release your belongings immediately subject to the provision of identification, proof of ownership, and the payment of the applicable Lost Property Item Management Charge.

Please note until you Register your Item as Lost (either online or in-store) we cannot begin the process of re-uniting you with your item.

How long could it take to be reunited with my item?

Please allow the following estimated times for re-unification with your item.

Stations / Trains: from 24 hours to 2 weeks*
Airports / Airlines: from 24 hours to 5-6 days*

*Please note that these are estimated times only. It could take longer for your item to reach us during busy periods.

The time a found item takes to reach us is not fixed, varies considerably and is dependent on how quickly the item is handed in by 3rd parties. has no control over these estimated times which are dependent on the unique circumstances in which the item was lost and then found. Once received, the found item needs to be sorted and logged on our 'Found Items' database according to the items specific characteristics.

What happens next?

Once you have Registered your Item Lost via the online form the matching and repatriation process can begin.

We process thousands of lost items per day and will always do our best to re-unite you with your item as quickly as possible but please be aware of the estimated times and process described above.

Please note the following about service

If our Lost Property Systems flag a potential item match in our Found Item Database we will contact you using the detail you provided when you Registered your Item as Lost. You will be asked to verify ownership of the item by providing details about your item. Once the checks are succesfully completed the Lost Property Officer will explain the various return options available.

Please note we will ONLY be in touch when we have a potential item match. If we have not yet been in touch, we do not yet have a possible match against your registered lost item.

If no contact has been made since you Registered your Item as Lost online please try not to worry, will continue querying your registered lost item record against our ‘Found' database for 90 days (At Manchester Airport the database will be queried for 60 days only).

Please refer to our comprehensive FAQs section for full detail on how the service works.

Please Note

Not all lost items are found and then handed into our lost property offices.

We always do our best to re-unite passengers with their lost items but our ability to do so is dependent on factors outside our control:

(a) the item being found
(b) the found item being handed in
(c) the time it takes for the finder to get the found item to us

If the item does not reach a Lost Property Office we will not be able to assist.

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