ADDITIONAL SERVICES is part of a far larger group of companies all dedicated to helping transport operators and the public at large with all manner of baggage services.

Our excellent reputation within the shipping sector is fostered through a customer-orientated approach facilitated by a large team of conscientious and friendly staff - all dedicated to providing the very best baggage solutions and expert advice to passengers.

Baggage Shipping

Baggage Shipping

The cost of exceeding your baggage allowance can be prohibitive, but what if you need that luggage with you, or find that you are overweight at the check-in desk? Our excess baggage shipping service, backed by a heritage of over 25 years in the shipping sector, means that we can ensure the secure forwarding of left luggage to anywhere in the world. We are able to organise excess baggage shipping either over-the-counter or through our website; all deliveries are tracked throughout their journey via a unique reference number and, due to our established global infrastructure, we offer the most convenient and cost-effective transportation of your excess baggage or left luggage on the market today.

Duty-free Shop & Collect or Shop & Ship

We all like to take advantage of the discounts available in duty-free shopping, but the inconvenience of carrying your purchases or the additional cost of overweight luggage often holds us back. However, our Shop & Collect and Shop & Ship services give all passengers the freedom to shop with ease. We have the capacity to securely store your purchases until you’re ready to collect them, in the same way as we store left luggage, or we can deliver your purchases to any destination in the world. This convenient service allows you to enjoy excellent discounts at duty-free shops without the fear of additional charges for excess baggage.

Left Luggage

Left Luggage Storage

Our Left Luggage Storage counter, manned by expertly trained security staff, promises to ensure the safety and security of any left belongings. We give you the flexibility to leave a single item or to use our facility for general left luggage storage, making it a cheaper option than the traditional locker system. Depending on the size and weight of your items, there is also the opportunity for you to use our courier service to forward your left luggage to wherever you want it to be delivered.

Courier Services

Our relationships with a number of the world’s leading couriers enable us to arrange for the delivery of anything from left luggage to confiscated items and duty-free purchases to destinations anywhere in the world. Our rates are among the cheapest available and our carrier partners are both swift and reliable.

Retail Outlets

Retail Outlets

Our parent organisation Excess Baggage Company has retail outlets at numerous travel hubs across the country, where you can purchase all the luggage or travel accessories you could wish for. They often also have bag wrap facilities so that you may further secure your baggage, and are the location of our Lost & Found and Left Luggage counters. It is worth noting that our retail website offers many of the same luggage and accessory products with the convenience of home delivery before your journey.

Bag Wrap

If you are concerned about the security of your baggage in transit, our Bag Wrap option will give you the peace of mind of an additional layer of protection. Whether you are transporting excess baggage or your holiday suitcases, our expertly trained staff use the highest quality wrapping material to ensure the safe passage of your baggage across the globe.

Confiscated Item Return

Another frequent problem faced by passengers is the increased restriction on items that can be taken on board aeroplanes, either in the cabin or in the hold. We are therefore able to offer you the convenience of our Post-and-Fly system. If your possessions are confiscated, you will be provided with a unique reference code for your items and, upon online payment, we are able to safely and efficiently send your possessions to your final destination for you. With our easy-to-use website, you are able to reclaim your confiscated items from anywhere across the globe.

Coin-operated Weighing Machines

As airline providers increase charges for overweight luggage, customers are increasingly likely to check the weight and size of their luggage prior to travelling. Our state-of-the-art Coin-operated Weighing Machines give you the opportunity to check whether your luggage may incur additional charges prior to check-in, avoiding unwanted shocks. You are then able to consider our wide variety of options for storing or shipping your excess or left luggage.

Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, we aim to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Our well-established links within the shipping sector ensure that we'll find you the best deal on all your shipping needs. From providing secure left luggage storage to facilitating the easy return of lost property, both Excess Baggage Company and will continue to work together to provide innovative and effective baggage solutions at every step of your journey.